Phonenames Limited was established in 1994 and is a member of The Zockoll Group.

The company introduced UK business to dialling a ‘name’ rather than a ‘number’, as a memorable solution for their direct response activity.

The marketing idea originated in the USA and has spread to other countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Singapore and Germany.

Our Phonenames can be used purely as a memorable number or they can form the basis of a brand e.g. 0800 HANDYMAN, 0800 REVERSE, 0800 REPAIR.

Whatever your industry, there is a Phonename for your business. Call our Fingertip® service FREE on 0800 PHONENAMES (746636) or use the form below.

Phonenames Limited
302 Parkway House, East Sheen, London SW14 8LS
T: 020 8481 2100