A phone name is a memorable direct response number based on dialling a name rather than a number. There are two parts to a phone name. The first part is the code such as 0800, 0845, 0345. The second part is the name.

Phone Names Explanation - 0800 Parcel Example
Phone Names Explained - How to dial 0800 Parcel

How to dial a phone name?

Simply dial the phone code and then spell the name, product or service you want to reach using the letters on the telephone keypad.

What do the phone codes mean?

Phone Names – freephone numbers

freephone numbers

  • The call is free to call from any phone in the UK.
  • The licensee pays the per minute call charges.
  • 90% awareness of 0800.
  • It tells customers you want their business.
Phone Names – business rate numbers

business rate numbers

  • Call costs to 0845 numbers are made up of two parts: an access charge and a service charge.
  • The access charge is a fee to the caller's phone company.
  • The service charge of up to 7ppm is a fee set by the company you are calling.
Phone Names – UK wide geographic numbers

UK wide geographic numbers

  • Callers pay no more than calls to 01 & 02 numbers.
  • 03 numbers must be included in a caller's inclusive minutes & discount scheme.

Whatever your industry, generate more business with a phone name

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